Terms and Conditions

  1. Please enter the required field carefully so that accuracy of results shall be maintained.
  2. The results shall be shown as per the input parameter entered here. The results shall be shown as per best fit of entered parameter to make easy to compare and evaluate the life insurance product.
  3. Utmost care has been taken for the accuracy of results but due to parameter limit of specific life insurance products, results shall be shown as per best fit basis. The results shown here solely for information to Customer to evaluate insurance products and NMB Bank shall not take any responsibility in case of any deviation/error.
  4. The expected bonus shall be calculated as per the Existing bonus rate of product declared by insurance company. The Expected Return can be changed as per the bonus rate of Insurance Company.
  5. We advise you to go through the details of each product to understand the full coverage, condition and limitation of each product before making decision to avail the specific life insurance policy.
  6. You can purchase life insurance product by clicking “Apply” and enter the detail s required. The dedicated personnel shall contact you to complete the formality of signing and required documents for life insurance policy.
  7. We aim to provide you a seamless experience for availing life insurance policy. We want to assure you to provide long term service for premium payment and claim settlements throughout the policy tenure.